What Your Money Does

When you shop at OMNIS, you directly support the makers of the beautiful items we display. There is no administrative or any other over-head cost. The artists that we partner with receive the fair compensation for their hard work and their amazing craft.


When you shop at OMNIS, you get involved in the number of humanitarian projects led by OMNIS team.

Cure Through Art

OMNIS sponsors art camps in Ukraine that had previously costed over 300 children traumatized by war. This program was launched by leading psychologists from RaDity to empower children to overcome emotional and psychological barriers they face as a result of war. Children’s art from the program has been exhibited at the United Nations HQ and Ukrainian Institute of Americas in New York City.

Education Breaks Barriers

This program provides quality educational opportunities to socio-economically disadvantaged children and youth in Ukraine.

The program is unique as it is informed by rigorous research, locally relevant, and addresses the immediate needs of disadvantaged children and youth. This program is focused on finding mentors for orphan youth with the goal of preparing students for university entrance exams through intensive tutoring that enhances their academic competencies and skills, helping students pursue higher education in Ukraine free-of-charge.

Bridge the Gap

This three-year program is designed to teach socio-economically disadvantaged children practical, conversational English through interactive activities such as drawing, singing, and playing games. The program also includes an introduction to American culture which is aimed at expanding students’ view of the world beyond the orphanage walls.

Little Friendships

The “shoe box surprise” project represents our long-lasting commitment to children in need. We partnered with the Slavic community in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, to create magical holiday memories that these kids can cherish. There is no better feeling than to see a child discovering a surprise inside a “shoe box” and knowing that there is someone who cares about them. We have shipped over 500 boxes of Christmas gifts to children in Ukraine last year alone.

To read about all our work at OMNIS, please go to www.omnisfoundation.org

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