Meet Naomi

How do you come up with your designs? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I’m inspired by so many things…I think most of all the details in life are a constant reminder to me to live in the moment… and create. Often, we are in such a hurry that we stop noticing all intricate parts of life and the beauty around us. I enjoy being still in the moment and seeing this world through childlike eyes, with wonder. I think I have always had this gift to embrace the moment and allow myself to see things with new eyes, seeking beauty that ultimately inspires me to create. If it isn’t beautiful, then you observe things just how they truly are, without labeling and judgement. When I studied yoga in Kauai, Hawaii this way of viewing life definitely pushed me to the next level, and my eyes became more open, and in turn, I became more inspired.
I’m inspired by the natural spiral, plants, the ocean, and all of nature, including the moon, sun, and stars. Since I was young, I always doodled spirals, moons, stars, and suns. As I grew older, these drawings helped me envision their 3-d forms and this is how some pieces of my jewelry came to life.

When I’m feeling uninspired, I love taking a long road trip with my husband, either to a nice interesting destination or anywhere, just to explore. The real magic starts in the car and continues as we explore and hike. It’s important for both of us to do this since I mainly work from home. It removes us from the environment where I need to create and brings in new inspiration or even just a slightly different perspective.

If this doesn’t work, I love to journal or free-form paint. I enjoy other art forms besides jewelry making, and if I take a day to paint, it can easily get me back into my inspiration mode to design new pieces of jewelry.

Do you have a memorable story to share when it comes to your jewelry making business?

A few years back I met a customer at one of the outdoor art festivals where I had my booth set up. She was planning her wedding and loved the jewelry designs I created. She wanted something unique but wasn’t sure what yet. I told her I would be happy to do a custom design for her. She didn’t purchase anything, but simply took my card. She surprised me a month later when she contacted me and told me she was ready to design her wedding jewelry. She ordered a necklace and wanted a custom pair of earrings. They were moonstone drop earrings with gold fill metal, a crescent on one side and a full moon on the other. I loved the way the earrings came out, with a delicate moonstone multiple drop necklace. Since she lived locally, (at the time, in Portland, Oregon) I let her know I’d be happy to drop off the jewelry at her house when it was completed. She loved this idea and so I did. The joy and happiness on her face when she saw the pieces completed was fantastic! She tried on the necklace and the earrings, and she was glowing, ready for her wedding day. It was such a great positive experience. Knowing that someone would be wearing my handmade pieces of jewelry on such an important day gave me an amazing feeling of happiness. I absolutely love customer interactions like this!

Does anyone else in the family enjoys art as much as you do?

Yes! There are artists and musicians in my immediate and extended families. I grew up having “art time” with my mom as a young child. I continued to create through my adult life by taking classes in pottery, jewelry, drawing, painting, and more.
I have three brothers who are all musicians, a sister who loves to paint, and her husband is also a musician. My husband is a singer songwriter musician and music producer. My mom is a creative gardener and loves planting and caring for beautiful flowers, herbs, and vegetables. My dad is a musician and carpenter. I have cousins who create mosaic tile art in people’s homes, who are also very artistic musicians.

Two of my brothers own their own businesses. One flips houses and the other one creates custom cases for music equipment and more. It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by artists and many times we confide in each other for creative as well as small business advice.

If making art and jewelry could not feed you, would you continue designing and making?

Absolutely! I’m pretty sure I was born with creative curiosity in my genes. There was a time in my life that I was not being creative, and it was noticeable because I became grumpy, which was not my normal self. Creating art keeps me in a happy, healthy balance. Art and creativity have been a positive force in my life since I can remember.

When I went to college I decided to go for Interior Design since it was “more practical” than majoring in art. It amazes me that I am now a full-time artist. I love sharing my passion with the world and teaching others that being creative can shift your daily life to a more positive outlook.

What is your hope for this world?

Peace, love, and understanding. I dream and plan to start a detox wellness center with my husband Brett. He is a Naturopathic doctor and I am an Ayurvedia and yoga wellness coach. Art therapy will absolutely be a part of this facility too. We want to create an oasis for people to renew and rejuvenate.

What fulfills you?

Sharing my passions with the world! Doing all of the things I love and also making a living from it, so I can keep doing it. I love teaching others jewelry-making skills and seeing all the light bulbs go off and all the open creativity in a room. I am so happy to share my art with the world. Teaching yoga, breathing, and Ayurveda to others is a fantastic part of my life, and I cannot wait to teach more. I also love envisioning a beautiful future and dreaming with my husband.

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