We help artisans around the world tell their story through the beautiful products they make.

Our Story

Omnis provides artisans around the world a chance to tell their stories through the creation of unique, handcrafted wearable art. When you purchase goods from us, you become a part of those narratives. Every item we offer is imbued with passion and creativity and provides a glimpse into the maker’s life.

Your purchase of one of these beautiful pieces gives a voice to the artisans’ stories and provides the opportunity to promote and sell their work. By wearing one of our bracelets, earrings, scarves, for example, you are wearing part of the story of its maker.

Omnis is a social enterprise launched as a result of our extensive travels for work and participation in humanitarian missions. It is the connections that we developed with local people and their stories that inspired us to develop a platform that would enable artisans worldwide to express their vision and to gain recognition for their work through the creation of distinctive, timeless goods.

At Omnis, we believe that an individual’s story and the collective human experience can impact the world, and that people can find common ground in the celebration of life, art, and fashion. You are invited to discover more about the lives of our artisans here.

As a buyer of these one-of-a-kind pieces, you are both participating in a larger story that celebrates creativity and supporting individual artisans and people in need.

Proceeds go towards Omnis Foundation, which works with communities facing crises. At Omnis, we are committed to offering carefully curated quality products that showcase the unique skills of artists from a particular country or region. We are also committed to using environmentally friendly materials.

Our Impact

Our products connect you with the process of changing lives from the moment of inspiration through completion. We source our products from contacts made during our travels and endeavor to build relationships with local artists. Traditional techniques are applied to create contemporary, fashionable, high-quality items that bring decades of history forward, which we offer to you.

All of our items are packaged with both a story narrative and a handmade charm from Omnis. (Many people have begun collecting our stories and our charms!) By engaging with Omnis, you are not only helping to feed the artisans and share their stories but you are contributing to the care of children in postwar regions.

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